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Mountain Range

small steps 
lead to 
big adventure


Busy, Busy, Busy.
Toil and Struggle.
Wash, Rinse, Repeat. 

Sterling Sunset - 1.jpeg

Feeling wound up, sped up, or fed up

with the busy life?


The wavelength of a busy city

(and a busy life)

hums at around 32 Hz?


It's time to slow down. 

Whenever life gets busy,

I retreat to the great outdoors.

It feels like a detox for my mind and soul!

Once the clamor of a busy life subsides

and the high-frequency buzz fades away, 

the frequency and serenity of Nature

begins to permeate every cell.


It fills my soul. I am truly at peace.
I extend you a warm invitation

to join me on this incredible journey,

-a life I fondly refer to as:

 "8 Hz Life" 

the​ wavelength of Nature.


8 Hz Life Coaching
Trip Options

Walking with You through the Wilderness 


Into the Woods

Escape from the notifications. Unplug from the gadgets.


A New Dawn

An Invitation to the 8 Hz Lifestyle.

Five Days of Exploration.


More of You

Take Less. Be More.


Don't Overthink it

Schedule a free meeting

with 8 Hz Life. 


We'll take the first step

to explore your future.


If we are a good fit for each other

on this part of your adventure,

we'll proceed with the next step.

If not, Tom can help you

plot your next steps

in another direction.

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