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Into the Woods

Escape from the notifications. Unplug from the gadgets.

Piute Canyon JMT Aug 2023 - 1.jpeg

Slow down to enjoy life at a smooth pace.


Leave behind the cacophony

of a busy life.

Let the silence of Nature fill your soul. 


Learn to love who you are,

and who you are not,

how to be more with less. 


 We return.

The beauty of the trail remains,

we grow in the process,

thankful for time well spent.

Not sure how to start?

Schedule a free meeting

with 8 Hz Life. 


We'll take the first step

to explore your future.


If we are a good fit for each other

on this part of your adventure,

we'll proceed with the next step.

If not, Tom can help you

plot your next steps

in another direction.

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