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A New Dawn

An Invitation to the 8 Hz Lifestyle.

Five Days of Self-Exploration in the Backcountry.


"Amidst the busyness of life

and the noise

that comes along with activity,

there has been a still, quiet voice,

that often goes ignored or gets lost

in the hustle and bustle of every day.


It seems to say one thing:

“It’s time to RESET.”


- Grant Fishbook

I extend a warm invitation

to RES(e)T. 


You and your trail are the focus.

You learn who you are,

what you don't need anymore,

and the next step to take. 


Join me on this incredible journey,

a life I fondly refer to as: 

"8 Hz Life"  

- the frequency of Nature.

Return home lighter than before,

unstuck and restored,

ready to take the next step.

Not sure how to start?

Schedule a free meeting

with 8 Hz Life. 


We'll take the first step

to explore your future.


If we are a good fit for each other

on this part of your adventure,

we'll proceed with the next step.

If not, Tom can help you

plot your next steps

in another direction.

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