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More of You

Take Less. Be More. 


You will get the chance to BE

- all of who you are -

and none of who you are not. 


Keep your pack light so that

you can enjoy the trail/life more.

Take only what you need

for the journey ahead


Leave behind anything

that weighs you down.


With more time in Nature,

your mind, body, and soul


New ideas and actions emerge.

On a new trail, 

You explore & assess.


Recenter yourself

on the map. 


Walk forward,

embracing the change

from the series of small steps taken.



thoughts, emotions and actions

from the past

that no longer serve you. 


Reap the fruits of your labor. 


Return home rested and renewed. 

Not sure where to start?

Schedule a free meeting

with 8 Hz Life. 


We'll take the first step

to explore your future.


If we are a good fit for each other

on this part of your adventure,

we'll proceed with the next step.

If not, Tom can help you

plot your next steps

in another direction.

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